Licencias de actividades


We deal with activity licences for the openings of car parks, offices, business premises, restaurants, etc. These licences define the features of the appropriate business activity.

In the engineering department, we specialise in the legalisation of all kinds of activities. We manage issues such as opening- and operating licenses, accessibility projects, periodic reviews, change of ownership certificates, responsibility statements, requests for No Parking plates, and public interest statements.

What must the premises fulfil to obtain the activity license?

Any activity carried out in a building (be it a premise, a flat or an industrial warehouse) must comply with a series of rules, both general and specific to each activity. Without wanting to be exhaustive, it will be necessary to fulfil at least:

The use and conditions of the premises must be in accordance with the urban ordinances, which establish different uses and standards depending on the specific location of the property.

  • Sufficient fire safety measures must be in place.
  • The lighting, ventilation and health conditions must be those required in the regulations.
  • The electrical systems, elevators and other installations must comply with the regulations.
  • Environmental protection standards must be complied with (pollution, water evacuation, spillage, toxic products, noise).
  • The facilities must be accessible to people with disabilities.
We search the archives for the most hidden documents
  • Opening and Operating Licenses
  • Business Activity Projects
  • Licences for safe permanent activities, major and minor
  • Licences for itinerant/non-permanent activities, Major and minor
  • Activity Legalisation
  • Technical Projects
  • Reports
  • Accessibility Projects
  • Installation Licences
  • Commercial, Industrial, or Service Activities
  • Change-of-Ownership Certificates
  • Responsibility Statements
  • Use Reports
  • Installation and Opening of Establishments
  • Requests for No-Parking Plates
  • Previous Communications
  • Periodic Reviews
  • Noise
  • Public Interest Statements


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